The HCG Diet

This diet results in super-fast weight loss.  Women lose an average of half a pound a day, and men can lose up to 2 pounds a day.  We use homeopathic drops for this program, which has been a great success with our patients.  Ask us about this new program. 

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Eva's Story

The HCG diet went against many of my long-held beliefs about diet and weight management. Read my story and decide for yourself if the program is worth a try. 

As a responsible health care practitioner, I have always recommended slow and steady weight loss, no crash diets that cannot be maintained, eating breakfast, and so on. I have tried many diets in the spirit of research so that I could speak knowledgeably to my patients about the various approaches. The Zone, the South Beach, the Blood Type, the Alkaline, the Mediterranean, the Paleolithic, the powder meal replacements, you name it, I've tried many diets. Like many people, I have been trying to lose five pounds for about twenty years, during which time the five pounds became twenty pounds! 

Even after I learned about this diet, I was reluctant to try it. 500 calories a day didn't sound possible for me. I had developed some blood sugar issues, and needed to eat every three hours or so. I was afraid to try the diet and be unable to function at work. 

So I went back on the South Beach Diet, lost four pounds, and then got stuck, which is usually what happens to me. During my time on the SB diet, I had the worst halitosis, to the point where I was afraid to get near my patients. I thought it would be even worse on the HCG diet. 

I was resigned to spending the summer as an oinker, but then decided that I would listen to another informative webinar from Dr. Shelton and DesBio about the HCG program. After hearing about his successful weight loss, I decided that I would try it.

 My results were astounding to me. I lost 13 pounds in 26 days, felt fantastic, and was rarely hungry. It was exciting to get on the scale every morning. I felt absolutely euphoric after my regular yoga classes. I got rid of my blood sugar problem. I no longer need to eat every few hours. It feels as if my body learned to burn fat for fuel during the diet, and no longer needs a carb or fuel fix to avoid feeling crazy. And to my surprise, I did not have the horrifying ketosis breath that I had on the South Beach diet. 

I definitely noticed the effect of the detox drops, especially in the first week or two. My morning urine was incredibly dark and stinky, even though I was drinking a ton of water. Some of my patients have noticed the same with their systems. I think it's important to do the detox while burning off fat, because a lot of toxins are stored in fat, and you really need to move it out of the body.  

Since going off maintenance, I have drifted down another pound or two. I am hoping to shed another two or three pounds, but am quite thrilled with where I am now. So far, I have been able to maintain my new weight without feeling that I am depriving myself. I am not hungry, I don't have the food cravings anymore. My appetite has decreased, and I am on my guard about eating out of habit. 

Many of my patients have seen my progress and have been trying the diet, all with great success.

 Update: 6 months later

 I have maintained my 20 pound weight loss, and I don't feel like it's a constant battle. Patients in my office have lost weight, gone off high blood pressure meds, diabetes meds, etc. (with approval from their regular MDs).

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